Ministerial Activities
Consultant Workshop “Proposed building energy labeling and measurement & verification (M&V) systems in Vietnam”
6/18/19 10:00 AM

The MoC, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Global Environment Fund (GEF) jointly organized a Consultation Workshop “Proposed building energy labeling and measurement & verification systems in Vietnam” - a product of the Energy Efficiency Improvement Project in commercial buildings and condominiums in Vietnam implemented by the Ministry of Construction with the support of the Global Environment Fund adopted by the United Nations Development Program – or EECB for short, on June 14th.

Deputy Director Nguyen Cong Thinh spoke to open the Workshop.

Various stakeholders in relation to the building sector from Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Provincial Departments of Construction, Vietnam Green Building Council, Vietnam Association for Building Materials, Vietnam Association of Construction Environment, universities, construction companies and international organizations, etc. joined the workshop.

According to the EECB Project Management Report, the Project's long-term goal is to reduce the intensity of greenhouse gas emissions in the construction sector in Vietnam, and the specific goal is to improve energy use of commercial buildings and condominiums. The project consists of 03 components: Review, supplement, improvement and enhancement the capacity of implementing National Technical Regulations; development initiatives to support market development; demonstration and replication of energy saving technology solutions in the construction industry; and presentation of 16 energy saving buildings.

Speaking at the workshop, Mr Nguyen Cong Thinh said “Through the implementation of the Law on Energy efficiency and saving, the energy labeling has been implementing effectively, starting with energy labeling for home appliances and vehicles. 

Consultant Nicolas Jallade presented the reports at the Workshop.

At this workshop, the project host wishes to consult experts for the report “Proposed building energy labeling and measurement & verification systems in Vietnam” (including hotels, offices, commercial centers) are subjects to the standard 09:2017/ BXD "National technical standards for construction works using energy efficiently".

According to the experts in the workshop, at present, provisions of Law are not mentioned to energy efficiency labeling for construction works. Therefore, through studies and surveys of the EECB Project, it is necessary to propose to competent state agencies in revising and improving the legal basis for labeling or verification of energy efficiency for construction works; building energy use norms for works under the standard 09:2017/BXD; researching and issuance of tools to support energy audits in construction works in accordance with Vietnam's actual conditions (standards). 

According to Prof. Dr. Tran Ngoc Chan - Vietnam Association of Construction Environment, now, Vietnam has built energy simulation software, so the Ministry of Construction can use data to survey the energy consumption of the works - results of the Energy Efficiency Promotion project in the Construction Industry (VCEP) and use this software to re-test, and at the same time announce energy consumption norms in the form of technical standards - as a basis for certification of energy efficiency for construction works.

The whole workshop.

According to Dr. Nguyen Trung Hoa – Project Advisor, energy efficiency certification and measurement & verification (M&V) for buildings are popular energy efficiency management solutions in the world and have been standardized - essential for Vietnam. Through the opinions of experts at the workshop, it is necessary to propose the improvement of policies, legal corridors, and development of appropriate roadmap (encouragement, compulsory) that are unique to apply in all buildings under standard 09:2017/BXD and further researching on the application of condominiums and mixed commercial buildings - houses, new constructions, standards-based ISO to develop M&V process for Vietnam.

Speaking to conclude the Workshop, Mr. Nguyen Cong Thinh summarized and fully acknowledged the comments of the experts, and asked the consultant unit to absorb in completing the reports, in which emphasized the clarification of the scientific basis of proposals for promulgating policies and energy use norms.

Written by: Minh Tuan

Translated by: Mai Anh