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Seminar on “Policy orientation on management and promotion of green buildings in Vietnam"
12/29/18 11:00 AM

Seminar on "Policy orientation on management and promotion of green buildings in Vietnam" organized by the Department of Science, Technology and Environment of the Ministry of Construction, with the participation of numerous experts internal and external in the field of Green construction on December 27th

The whole seminar

The seminar was organized with the aim of consulting experts ideas to build policy orientation and promote the development of green buildings in Vietnam, ensuring suitable with the actual scientific and technological conditions of the country and international integration.

Speaking at the seminar, Mr. Tran Khanh Trung - Chairman of Green Architecture Club TP. Ho Chi Minh said that in Vietnam today, 6 popular green building evaluation systems are applied, including: LEED (USA); GREEN MARK Singapore); LOTUS (Vietnam Green Building Council); VACEE (Vietnam Construction Environment Association); System of green building criteria of Vietnam Association of Architects and Edge of the World Bank Financial Organization (IFC).

Presentation at the workshop, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thuy Loan - Deputy Director of the National Institute of Architecture said that in the world today, two green construction movements are popular: Green building movement initiated and governed by non-governmental organizations (NGOs), such as in the US, Australia, and European countries (receiving the support of national governments) and the green building movement initiated and governed by the Government, with the participation of NGOs, such as Japan, Taiwan, China, Singapore...

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thuy Loan  evaluated, Taiwan is a typical green building development of Asia. Since 2005, Taiwan has put green building content into a chapter of Taiwan's construction standards (QCXD), which is the lowest level of green building policy and must be applied to all construction works. 

By 2017, this building code is revised to be “greener” in construction works.

According to Ms Nguyen Thuy Loan, Vietnam now needs to unify the definition of green buildings and select a system of official green building assessment as a basis for developing policies to promote green building nationwide and compulsory apply green works for the state budget capital projects, boosting the completion of related infrastructure and piloting green buildings, and encouraging the development of green projects from private capital, human resource development force and implement communication strategy on green buildings.

At the seminar, experts assessed the advantages and limitations of the applied criteria system in Vietnam, and agreed with the view, Vietnam should choose a system of green building criteria and propose the Ministry of Construction to propose the Prime Minister to implement the Green Building Project. Expressing his views, expert Yannick Millet - International Senior Technical Advisor of the EECB Project expects Vietnam to have a separate system of green building evaluation criteria.

Conclusion of the seminar, Deputy Director of Department of Science, Technology and Environment – MoC Nguyen Cong Thinh thanked domestic and international experts for discussing and contributing many important ideas to help the Ministry of Construction in building policy orientation to manage and promote the green building development in Vietnam. Mr Nguyen Cong Thinh also agreed with the view to set up an expert team including selected member of  related organizations to discuss and agree in selecting a system of criteria for evaluating green buildings suitable for Vietnam.  In addition, the Ministry of Construction will also consider proposing the Government to implement the Green Building Project in promoting energy and natural resources saving  activities, improving people's quality of life and developing sustainable country.

Written by: Tran Dinh Ha

Translated by: Mai Anh