Ministerial Activities
Workshop on “Current Situation of solid waste management and Orientation to develop solid waste treatment technology in Vietnam”
3/20/19 5:50 PM

The Technical Infrastructure Department under MoC cooperated with JICA Vietnam Office to organize the workshop on “Current Situation of solid waste management and Orientation to develop solid waste treatment technology in Vietnam”. Director of Department of Technical Infrastructure, Assoc.Pro Mai Thi Lien Huong chaired the workshop. There were Ms Kanto Yuko – representative of JICA; representatives of related ministries and branches, specialized associations, research institutes, state management agencies in the field of science and technology,  technical infrastructure of the MoC and localities; national and international experts; businesses operating in the field of solid waste disposal in the workshop.

Director of Technical Infrastructure Department Mai Thi Lien Huong spoke to open the Workshop

Opening the workshop, Director of the Technical Infrastructure Department Mai Thi Lien Huong affirmed that in recent years, Vietnam has gained many important achievements in socio-economic development and environmental protection towards sustainable development. However, Vietnam is also facing major challenges in the field of solid waste treatment due to limitations in management capacity, technology and financial resources.

The MoC wishes to receive a lot of information from domestic and international managers, experts and enterprises to assess the status of solid waste management, results and trend of solid waste collection and treatment technology in order to help the MoC perform well its function, contributing to the successful implementation of the National Strategy on integrated solid waste management in Vietnam by 2025, vision to 2050 approved by Prime Minister in Decision No.491/QD-TTg dated 7 May 2018.

Representative of JICA Office – Ms Kanto Yuko  spoke at the Workshop

Ms Mai Thi Lien Huong also said that with the support of many international organizations, including JICA, the MoC has been making efforts to coordinate with related ministries and agencies in building and completing legal institutions, technical standards and norms on planning, construction investment and solid waste management. On bahalf of leaders of the MoC, Ms Mai Thi Lien Huong thanked the Japanese Government, JICA Organization, international organizations, ministries, branches, localities and the business community for their supports in  coordinating and assisting to the MoC in general and the Technical Infrastructure Department in particular to complete the tasks in the fields of state management function of the MoC.

The whole workshop

During the workshop, attendees discussed the Report on the status of management and investment in construction of solid waste treatment facilities in Vietnam; experiences on investment in the form of public-private partnerships in the field of solid waste management; Japanese experiences in choosing appropriate technologies and investors; potential for energy development from domestic waste in Vietnam; trends of developing solid waste treatment technology; waste recycling, biogas production, organic mineral fertilizer from waste ...

Written by: Minh Tuan

Translated by: Mai Anh