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Vietnam, UK cooperate in building information model development
7/10/18 4:13 PM

The MOU signing ceremony on cooperation in implementation of “Building Information Modeling” in Vietnam Construction industry between the Ministry of Construction and the UK’s Foreign Commonwealth Office to be held at MoC’s headquarter on July 5th . Ms Baroness Fairhead, the UK Minister of State for Trade and Export Promotion and Deputy Minister of Construction Nguyen Van Sinh attended and witnessed the signing ceremony.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Sinh speaks at the ceremony

On behalf of leaders of the MoC, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Sinh expressed his pleasure to welcome the UK delegation to visit and witness the MOU signing ceremony between the MoC and the UK’s Foreign Commonwealth Office.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Sinh said that “Vietnam is in the period of renovation and development, so its demand for construction investment is very large. Therefore, the Government and the Ministry of Construction have always paid special attention in managing the investment efficiency of projects. Vietnam’s goal is to strengthen the control of quality, transparency and publicity of construction investment projects, in order to shorten construction progress and reduce losses, the Prime Minister of Vietnam Government approved the proposal of the BIM model in construction and operation of projects”.

According to the Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Sinh, the signing of the MOU in implementation of the BIM model in Vietnam’s construction industry is an important event, to expand the application of BIM in Vietnam in the near future.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Sinh expressed his wish to strengthen the cooperation and learning the successful experience of the UK in applying the BIM model in construction projects so that Vietnam's construction industry would sooner improve its institutions, standards and guidelines to effectively apply BIM as well as building long-term vision of BIM application in the future.

The signing ceremony

Ms Fairhead thanked the MoC leaders for warmly welcome and also impressed with the development of Vietnam economic in both of the growth rate and also the priority orientation in the sustainable development of Vietnam.

Ms Fairhead said that the UK State for Trade and Export Promotion prioritzes collaborative infrastructure support activities: the application of science and technology, the enhancement of intelligence to cities, and the desire to share experience with international friends, both of public and private sector.

Ms Baroness Fairhead expressed her happiness to witness the MoU signing ceremony between two sides in implementation of BIM model – the project funded by the UK Prosperity Support Fund, and also said this was the good start to the close cooperation between two sides in the next three years, and also promoted the further cooperation between the UK and Vietnam to achieve common goals.

Written by: Minh Tuan
Translated by: Mai Anh