Ministerial Activities
Minister Pham Hong Ha works with The World Bank Global Senior Director Ede Ijjasz Vasqez
6/27/18 10:14 AM

Minister Pham Hong Ha had a working session with the World Bank delegation led by the Global senior director Ede Ijjasz Vasqez on June 22. There were World Bank Director in Vietnam Ousmane Dione, WB experts, leaders of functional departments and agencies under the MoC at the meeting.

Minister Pham Hong Ha spoke at the working session.

Speaking at the meeting, Minister Pham Hong Ha highly appreciated the WB’s supports to Vietnam, especially in poverty reduction, technical infrastructure building, and emphasized the close and effective cooperation between the MoC and the WB.

WB has helped the MoC to better fulfill the tasks assgined by the Government, especially in enhancing the state management capacity in construction investment, institutional making, development and control the urban development process, economically and effectively resources use in oder to ensure sustainable urban development, effectively respond to climate change, improving the quality of MoC contingent of officials in particular and Construction industry in general.

However, the process of urban development in Vietnam is facing many challenges, such as: The method of urban development theory is not fully compatible with the process of international integration; The legal system is not enough, not synchronous; The mobilization of resources for investment in urban development is still limited, especially the mobilization of resources from the private sector.

The Global senior director of WB - Ede Ijjasz Vasqez spoke at the working session.

The lack of planning, strategy and vision and inconsistency in some urban areas has resulted in: Difficulties in urban management, traffic congestion, urban inundation, asynchronous investment in infrastructure.

Minister Pham Hong Ha proposed that the WB to continually support the MoC in renovating methods and theories of urban development; sharing experience in building urban management tools; fomulating and perfecting legal policies, carrying out activities related to climate change and environment protection; improving the quality of human resources in urban management; developing in smart urban and housing; supporting the training of the MoC officials through the exchange of experts, seminars and short-term training.

The Global senior director of WB – Mr Ede Ijjasz Vasqez expressed his pleasure to visit and work witk the MoC, and also said that: “The proposals of Minister Pham Hong Ha are very pratical and important and the WB always cares and supports Vietnam as well as the MoC”.

Minister Pham Hong Ha gave a gift to the Global senior director of WB - Ede Ijjasz Vasqez.

In the coming time, the WB will cooperate with the MoC to organize seminars and discussions with the participation of international experts in order to work out necessary solutions to support the MoC. Through seminars and discussions, WB will seek opportunities to support, train, and improve the quality of human resources in the construction industry. In addition, the WB will strengthen to support Vietnam in building and improving institutions in the field of construction investment management.

At the meeting, the World Bank Country Director in Vietnam, Ousmane Dione affirmed that WB would support Vietnam $400 million to implement a safe water supply project for the Mekong Delta, and also expected the MoC to set up the capital for cooperation projects with the WB and strengthened monitoring to ensure that projects being implemented effectively, mobilized different resources in large scale.

The whole working session.

Minister Pham Hong Ha thanked the WB, Mr Ede Ijjasz Vasqez and Mr Ousmane Dione for paying attention and facilitating to support the MoC, and also pledged that the MoC with its responsibility would strengthen the coordination and facilitation of WB-funded projects in Vietnam to ensure the effectiveness and committed schedule.

Written by: Tran Dinh Ha
Translated by: Mai Anh