Ministerial Activities
Hanoi Construction Corporation held a conference to summarize the works for business in 2009 and implementation of the tasks in 2010
1/25/10 12:00 AM

On January 22, 2010, Hanoi Construction Corporation held a conference to summarize the works for business in 2009, implementation of the tasks in 2010. Attending at the meeting were Deputy Minister of Construction Cao Lại Quang, Mr. Đặng Hữu Hoàn - Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Construction Trade Union, representatives of the departments and leaders of Hanoi Construction Corporation.

According to reports summarize the works in 2009 of Hanoi Construction Corporation by Mr. Nghiêm Sỹ Minh - Secretary of Party Committee, General Director presented at the conference were clearly stated, in the context of many difficulties due to financial crisis and global recession, Hanoi Construction Corporation has made great efforts, successful completion of the tasks planned targets in 2009. Specifically, the value of business production reached 9350 billion VND, increase 15% over 2008; turnover reached 7610 billion, increase 16%, profit reached 342 billion, increase 40.7%, the budget of 495 billion, increase 45% compared to 2008; make investments to reach 1500 billion, increase 46%; 2.500.000vnd/person/month average income, increase 25% in comparison with 2008.

In the year 2009, Hanoi Construction Corporation to join submit a tender of the 440 projects and winning 236, including 203 civil projects (86%), 10 industrial projects and 23 projects of the lower technical. Trademarks of Hanoi Construction Corporation has affirmed its reputation in the construction market, most units in the Corporation has growth and sustainable development, many units has high growth rates.

Enter the 2010, Hanoi Construction Corporation has set out targets to maintain and keep growth sustainable; step up the investment to capital and assets in order to change the structure of production and business , increase efficiency and promote the brand on the market of investment and construction consolidating and enhancing the capacity of organizations and management; The specific objectives include: the production business value of 10,755 billion VND increase 15% over 2009; 8,610 revenue billion VND; profit 360 billion VND; average income 3,000,000VND/person/month; the construction investment of 2,500 billion, increase 67% comparison with 2009.

Speaking at the conference, Deputy Cao Lại Quang praised the great efforts of the collective staff of Hanoi Construction Corporation completed the tasks planned for 2009. The Board of Directors also directed to strengthen the guidance and overcome existing development in the role of the parent company is not clear, investments also low the progress of some projects delayed due to the capacity of project management is not adequate, potential technological equipment is not properly concerned. Through past crises have shown the weakness of the economy as enterprises of our country, Hanoi Construction Corporation must to review and evaluate the reality of the business, setup a plan development strategies in accordance with the upcoming period, emphasizes the work of corporate governance, corporate culture construction, applying science and technology to enhance competitiveness and create sustainable development for business industry.

Also at the meeting, Deputy Minister Cao Lại Quang was authorized by the Prime Minister awarded the Government's Emulation Flag and Certificate of Merit by the Prime Minister, Flag emulate of the Ministry of Construction for units in excellent working achievements of Hanoi Construction Corporation./.