Ministerial Activities
Ten years of urban development and solutions for new stages
11/10/09 12:00 AM

To carry out of Decision number 10/1998/QÐ-TTg of the Prime Minister on 23-1-1998, for the past ten years (1999-2009), Vietnam urban system constantly developing and expanding the land area, the number of buildings and construction quality.

Many old urban renovated and construction of new infrastructure technology for electricity and water supply, drainage, building roads, bridges and many new public works, housing, reorganizing the streets, creating a new look for sanitation, landscape green, clean, beautiful. Many new urban, large-scale is to built with modern architecture. However, to our country's urban system sustainable development very need of concerted action by industry, at all levels from central to regional.
Looking back ten years of development
In 1998, the Prime Minister has approved the target development for Vietnam’s urban system to 2020, in there the role of urban are defined as the main driving force in the development of national industrialization and modernization, to carry out target national development basic to become a nation industry into 2020.
Looking back ten years stage, under the leadership of the party, the administration of the State, the mobilization efforts of the entire society, we can be proud with the important achievements have been achieved of urban development in the country. National urban system has the positive changes both in quantity as well as quality. National urban networks have been developed, expanded from 629 urban areas in 1999 has increased to 754 urban areas. On urban population, urbanization rate increased from 20.7% in 1999 to now reach nearly 30% if calculated urban population. In particular, there are two specials urban Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, urban type I increase by 5, whereas type V increased by 99 urban areas. This proved the level of urbanization had developed in urban areas small, pervasive over large and distributed evenly over the whole country.
Economic growth in urban areas the average reached about 12 to 15%, higher than 1.5 to 2 times that of common in the country. In the year 2007-2009 reached about 8 to 10%. Current revenues urban areas, especially the major cities making up 70% of the GDP structure throughout the country. In some big cities, GDP per capita reached more than 1500 USD as Hanoi around 1,500 per year, Nha Trang 1779 USD/year ... Urban economic growth have been created millions of jobs for workers, play an important role in maintaining stability and development of society.
The socioeconomic development has brought important resources for the construction and renovation of the urban. Urban Landscape architecture have been  governments of urban interested in invest and development with the appearance of more and more modern projects,  applied advanced technology of the world for design and buildings urban areas. In many urban areas have been appearing in high-rise architecture is the architectural highlights of urban quality. That work in parallel with the investment to build new urban modern uniform, the work of improvement and embellishment of urban and conservation of heritage value urban architecture was respected, contributing to maintaining and creating character of each urban areas.
Life quality of citizen is gradually improved through the investment to upgrade infrastructure in urban areas. In 1999, the housing area per capita reached 6 m2 so far has doubled, reaching 12m2. Model of investment to develop new urban synchronous has been studied replication in many places in the country, effective use of land fund for urban development, and gradually solve the needs are large social housing. Urban infrastructure technology system and society such as transport system, water supply, drainage, lighting, green trees, collecting and processing solid waste and public welfare projects of urban been invested to build, renovate and develop rapidly, which make up the basic framework for urban development. On clean water supply, in 1999 Vietnam still over 70% of citizen use water does not guarantee sanitation, so far whole the country average of 73% of citizen had clean water supply. Service quality of public transport in urban areas and all over the country more and more better.
Nguyen Hong Quan
Minister of Construction