Ministerial Activities
Urban planning must be a step ahead
11/6/09 12:00 AM

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung "Urban and Rural as accurately as long-term vision, the country development as sustainable as saving land, resources as well as to ensure ecological environment of sustainable development".

To keep company with Presidum of the Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association, on  the threshold of the Congress 3rd of Association on 5/11/2009, The Prime Minister wishes Association to participate actively, and a channel consultant, important critic for the construction planning of Vietnam's urban on increasing sustainability.

Appreciate the positive contributions of the Association in recent years, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung said that the process of industrialization and modernization form the series of urban and new population concentration that is essentially urban, so for sustainable development, urban planning must be a step ahead, how to connect closely, promote the socioeconomic development, improving material and spiritual life, living environment for people and implementing better policies for urban development in the direction of "Leave agriculture without lose nature home”.

Check out some inadequacies in the process of urbanization and development at present as the ability, the level of urban management of the local has not met the too fast growth of urban, capital-scale is not go together with improving the quality of infrastructure; task of socialization, mobilization of resources in society to invest in urban infrastructure is limited ... The Prime Minister wishes, Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association with over 2700 members to focus more intelligence and energy have contributed positively to the planning and construction in general, as well as to build the legal documents in urban development in Vietnam in particular, and a channel important critic in this work.

Firstly, the Association should focus on contributing ideas for the construction and planning of Hanoi capital to worth of 1000 years Civilization.

The Prime Minister congratulated the Congress 3rd  of The Association successful.

On behalf of the Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association, Professor, Doctor, Nguyen The Ba promised with the Prime Minister to devote talent and intelligence to contribute to the construction and planning for urban more and more sustainable development.