Ministerial Activities
Anniversary: VietNam Institute for building materials 40 years of establishment and received Independent Medal second-class.
11/5/09 12:00 AM

On the last day, VietNam Institute for building materials solemnly held a ceremony to commemorate 40 years of establishment (4/11/1969 - 4/11/2009) and received Independent Medal second-class.

To attend the opening ceremony were Minister of Construction Nguyen Hong Quan, Former Deputy Prime Minister Ngo Xuan Loc, former Minister of Construction, Prof. Dr Nguyen Manh Kiem and Deputy Minister of Construction. Attending the ceremony also representatives of Party affairs, trade unions, other departments, the Department of Construction, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Finance, Associations, ... and representatives of the Press, Radio, Magazine and all generations of leaders, researchers, and personnel officers working at Institute for building materials.

During the last 40 years, long way from the difficulties, arduous until the Institute developed and matured, have contributed significantly to economic development, social of the country in general and building materials industry in particular. With these achievements, the Institute has been awarded the State Medal of labor and independent and many other noble reward. This also the opportunity to be expressed gratitude for the guidance of the Ministry's leaders and the functions Department of the Ministry of Construction through periods, and the support of the ministries for activities of the Institute in throughout time.

On behalf of the Party affairs and leaders of the Ministry of Construction Minister Nguyen Hong Quan send congratulations and praised to all have been working at the Institute for building materials. The Minister also expressed, although in the coming period will face many difficulties and challenges, the Party affairs and leaders of the Ministry of Construction always believed that all personnel officers and employees of Institute will continue to bring into play the traditions 40 years to build and grow, more effort strive, innovation active from awareness to action, converting a comprehensive and sustainable, implement new models scientific and technological self-awarded pay expenditure, the strives to build Institute such as a center for science and technology major of building materials industry, contributing positively to industrialization - modernization nation, worthy of reward noble Medal of independent second was awarded by the State.