Ministerial Activities
Launching emulation urban construction "green - clean - beauty"
11/4/09 12:00 AM

LinhDam urban centres

Construction "The urban green-clean-beauty" is the criteria of the new emulation movement in 2010 by the Vietnam Urban Association launched on the Vietnam Urban Day (8 / 11).

In comparison with the goal of "The Urban clean" of 2009, the year 2010 request will be raised one step to the expectations of municipalities in Vietnam to develop increasingly more comprehensive.

In 2009, the emulation movement in urban are responding to and implementing extensive until communes, wards with multiple criteria concrete, clear, as the rate of collecting and transporting waste from the inner city, urban daily volume reached 80% higher, rate of enterprises with waste water treatment system achieved 50% and above ...

The phase of emulationh as good effects, helps people to raise knowledge and increase the responsibilities of governmental institutions in cooperation construction urban cleaning.

Currently, the control-oriented master plan for urban development in Vietnam to 2025 and vision to 2050, population urbanization throughout the country in 2020 about 42 million people with urbanization rate reaches 45 % of the population nationwide.

As predicted, in 2025, urban population continues to grow about 52 million people, accounting for 50% of the population nationwide.

Experts said that urban development in Vietnam in the near future to face many challenge in order to create a system of urban solid link between the region in the country, there are like this to ensure the goals of urban development comprehensive and sustainable future.

This is the 2nd Vietnam to hold Urban Day /.