Ministerial Activities
Workshop on "Assessing Architectural Heritage Fund of the South Vietnam"
11/4/09 12:00 AM

Recently, in Hochiminh city, Vietnam Institute of Architecture, Urban and Rural Planning held a workshop on "Assessing Architectural Heritage Fund of the South". Vice Minister of Construction Nguyen Dinh Toan attend.

In the South in general and Saigon in particular, architecture religious and waterways rich with many kinds; ancient architecture in this land is the public works dating to the French domination and more and more growing to large sizes. With this type of architecture has had some success about ethnic and modern. At the seminar, participants focused going into analysis of the types of architecture for each region, native was born each type of architecture in each dynasty, period ... PhD Le Quang Ninh (The Association of Ho Chi Minh City Architects ) said that each of the provinces in the South are bringing an architectural characteristics, such as architecture waterways is Can Tho, Sa Dec, Tra Vinh. .. Architectural heritage of the South if the starting cultural beliefs such as temples, pagodas, shrines, saints, tombs or loss can indicate no less as works Bà Pagoda, Vinh Nghiem Pagoda, Xa Loi in Saigon ... Where is she, then there is Bà Pagoda. Unlike North and Central, architectural heritage fund the South's dark religious architecture is the temple architecture and club-house.


Today, in order to restored and embellish, to restore the old architecture, many local has made deviations as deformation architecture. According to Deputy Nguyen Dinh Toan should selectively inherit the ancient architecture when applied to new buildings to respond the power and features of living.