Ministerial Activities
Deputy Minister Bui Pham Khanh worked with JICA experts
8/6/19 3:06 PM

Deputy Minister Bui Pham Khanh had a working session with the JICA expert delegation on the Capacity Building Project in the Development of State Management Tools for construction investment projects on August 5th. There were leaders of units under the MoC at the working session. 

The whole working session.

At the working session, head of JICA expert delegation Shuntaro Kawahara briefly presented the basic contents in the Project Design Matrix. Accordingly, the Project has an overall objective to improve the cost estimation system of public capital works in Vietnam and enhance the capacity of the Ministry of Construction in improving the cost estimation system for construction works using public capital.

Mr Shuntaro Kawahara said, the JICA expert delegation and the Japan MLIT have worked with the MoC and relating Vietnamese agencies to gather information, exchange ideas, discuss and plan the project implementation framework.

The project has 5 outputs with different contents, but the same way of implementation, including 4 parts: Review and understand the process of implementing Project 2038/ QĐ-TTg on Completing the system of norms and construction prices; set up methods to build productivity and unit price norms; set up the process of conducting actual surveys and piloting in some projects; deploy training for objects relating to management of construction investment project costs.

The Project Design Matrix outlines the organizational structure for implementing the Project, including Japan and Vietnam. In particular, the Vietnamese side, the main partner is the Department of Construction Economics, Institute of Construction Economics and Academy of Managers for Construction and Cities. Departments and Agencies under the Ministry of Construction, Construction Departments and consulting units, contractors will be responsible for supporting.

At the meeting, Deputy Minister Bui Pham Khanh agreed with the contents of 5 outputs of the Project, and emphasized that the project's results had an important role for the Ministry of Construction in reviewing and amending the Construction Law under the National Assembly's legislative program.

Deputy Minister Bui Pham Khanh proposed the Construction Activities Management Agency and State Agency for Construction Quality Inspection to support the leading agency (Department of Construction Economics) in implementing the State management contents. Regarding research institutions, the Institute of Construction Economics will play the leading role, coordinating with the Construction Science and Technology Institute (under the Ministry of Construction) and the Transport Development & Strategy Institute (under the Ministry of Transport). 

Regarding training, besides AMC Academy, Deputy Minister Bui Pham Khanh proposed to supplement the University of Civil Engineering and University of Architecture. 

Deputy Minister Bui Pham Khanh hopes that JICA in particular and the Japanese Government in general will facilitate Japanese experts to better perform their duties.

Written by: Tran Dinh Ha

Translated by: Mai Anh