Ministerial Activities
Deputy Minister Phan Thi My Linh receives Finnish Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs
3/16/18 1:57 PM

Deputy Minister Phan Thi My Linh had a meeting with Finnish Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Elina Kalkku and delegation of Finnish Embassy in Vietnam.

Deputy Minister Phan Thi My Linh at the working session

At the reception, Deputy Minister Linh warmly welcomed Deputy Minister Elina Kalkku and thanked Finland government for the effective cooperation as well as important supports to Vietnam in the field of water supply and environment sanitation in recent years.

Thanking Deputy Minister Phan Thi My Linh and MoC’s staffs for the intimate reception, Deputy Minister Elina Kalkku gave her impression and congratulated the achievements of socio-economic development of Vietnam in the past time.

Deputy Minister Elina Kalkku at the working session

Deputy Minister Elina Kalkku highly appreciated the cooperation between Vietnam and Finland in general and Finland and MoC in particular in the field of water supply, waste water and solid waste. Deputy Minister Elina Kalkku said that, non-refundable ODA has been reduced, Finland has other tools to support the implementation of cooperation projects, such as the Fund preferentical credit to support developing countries, the FinnFund Foundation, the Fund for co-operation between government agencies, the Fund for the Promotion of Innovation, the Finland Revolving Water Fund, and other supports for bilateral cooperation.

According to Deputy Minister Elina Kalkku, Finland has a lot of experience and technology in safe water supply, waste treatment transformed into energy, green urban development, smart city…- that two sides have more opportunities to cooperate.

Deputy Minister Linh highly appreceated Finland’s experience and technology and desired to receive more supports from Finland Government in making the Law of Water Supply through providing experts, documents and exchanging of cooperation. Deputy Minister Linh said that, solid waste management is being considered by the Vietnam Government and the MoC, and suggested Finland to help Vietnam in researching and transfering solid waste treatment technology in suitable with Vietnam’s conditions.

The whole working session

At the working session, Deputy Minister Linh and Deputy Minister Elina Kalkku have exchanged more about the cooperation in water supply and environmental sanitation in 25 small towns in the Northern; study on the use of the Finland Revolving Water Fund, Vietnam safe water supply plan; the progress of building the Law of Water Supply…

Appreciating the close and effective cooperation between the two sides over the past time, two Deputy Ministers expressed their desire to continue the spirit of cooperation in the future.


Written by: Minh Tuan
Translated by: Mai Anh