Ministerial Activities
Minister Pham Hong Ha received UNDP Country Director in Vietnam
5/29/17 1:34 PM

On May 25th, 2017, at the headquarter of MOC, Minister Pham Hong Ha received Ms Louis Chamberlain, UNDP Country Director in Vietnam.

Minister Pham Hong Ha received Ms Louis Chamberlain – UNDP Country Director for Vietnam.

At the meeting, the Minister welcomed Ms Chamberlain to visit MOC and highly appreciated the importance as well as effective activities of UNDP in helping Vietnam, particularly MOC, to deal with many problems in process of development, from building institutions to socio - economic development and urban development programs.

Minister Ha also highly appreciated Ms Chamberlain and UNDP for the interest and assistance in practical and effective cooperation projects with the MOC.

Ms Chamberlain thanked the Minister for warm welcome and expressed her satisfaction over the results of cooperation projects between UNDP and Vietnam in the past few years.

According to Ms Chamberlain, the UNDP was interested in the fields of energy efficiency in buildings and green buildings development, and had some cooperation projects with the MOC. In addition, UNDP recognized some areas for potential cooperation between two sides: non-fired bricks production, emission reduction in cement industry, housing construction for people in flooding areas in the Central of Vietnam. Ms Chamberlain desired Minister Ha to take care of ongoing cooperation projects for keeping them on schedule, and study new cooperation projects.

Minister Ha applauded the UNDP’s assistance, through the Green Climate Fund (GCF), to support housing for people living in flooding areas in the Central of Vietnam as well as Ms Chamberlain’s new proposals for cooperation with the MOC.

Taking opportunity of this meeting before Ms Chamberlain finishing her working term in Vietnam, on behalf of MOC leaders, Minister Ha thanked Ms Chamberlain for her coordination and assistance and desired Ms Chamberlain, in her new position, to continue to support the MOC.

Written by: Minh Tuan
Translated by: Mai Anh